Author: Vex Darkness

The Lance Saga – Gothic Pain

Gothic Pain      Later that night as Lance was driving around, his thermalsensors picked up three girls walking down the street.  Heenhanced the image to get a look at these pieces of meat.  Theylooked amazing, all with long straight jet black hair and blacktrench coats.  Lance parked and got out so he could closerinvestigate.  He […]

Lance Saga updated preface

Some call him a God, others a ghost, still others a demon. Many pondered if he even existed at all. The answer is yes, and pray you never meet him. His name is Lance, and he’s a vicious killer, a twisted sexual sadist, and an instrument of pure, unhindered, ultimate evil. He’s stalking the universe […]


It had been weeks since my last kill. My mind was exploding with violence. I needed to quench my desires, tonight. It was raining softly, and a light breeze blew, tossing up leaves and bits of trash. People were out walking, an old lady, a young couple, an occasional business man. A few young girls […]


She was a young girl of 22, petite, at five feet, three inches tall with slightly longer than shoulder length light brown hair. She wore it down, it was straight, parted in the middle, and flowed across the slightly tanned skin of her neck and very upper back. She was walking through a fairly large […]

The Lance Saga – DMV Stuff

DMV Stuff He soon entered a small business district and saw DMV, which was perfect since he realized his license had expired. It was still morning and a small line had formed outside the building. “What is this crap?” he said to himself. He walked up and saw two teenage bitches and their apparent mother. […]

pissed off

I fucking overdrew my g/f’s god damn checking out when I was testing the download store. GRRR It’s over by 94 cents. The problem is, when that happens I get hit with a $34 overdraft fee and Paypal has a tendency of trying then transaction over and over. It was just a “hold”, so maybe […]