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The Lance Saga – Gothic Pain

Gothic Pain      Later that night as Lance was driving around, his thermalsensors picked up three girls walking down the street.  Heenhanced the image to get a look at these pieces of meat.  Theylooked amazing, all with long straight jet black hair and blacktrench coats.  Lance parked and got out so he could closerinvestigate.  He […]

Lance Saga updated preface

Some call him a God, others a ghost, still others a demon. Many pondered if he even existed at all. The answer is yes, and pray you never meet him. His name is Lance, and he’s a vicious killer, a twisted sexual sadist, and an instrument of pure, unhindered, ultimate evil. He’s stalking the universe […]

The Lance Saga – DMV Stuff

DMV Stuff He soon entered a small business district and saw DMV, which was perfect since he realized his license had expired. It was still morning and a small line had formed outside the building. “What is this crap?” he said to himself. He walked up and saw two teenage bitches and their apparent mother. […]